IT Support and Managed IT Services : Glasgow | Edinburgh | Scotland

We are now capable of offering a fairly unique solution within the Scottish marketplace. This essentially involves offer any of our services on a “white label” or reseller basis.

Depending on the scale this can be tailored to what you need.

Who is it for?

IT consultants who cannot provide helpdesk or on-site support. Why spend your day resetting passwords or running ADSL checks when you could be consulting for your clients. We can provide a DDI number for you to forward calls to or give this out to your clients. We can answer calls to that number in your company name and take the call from there. We have white label remote support tools and should we need to go on-site it would be on the basis that we are working for your company.

We understand concerns about clients and work to ensure you remain comfortable the client is 100% yours.

Remote IT Support Companies who would like to have a Scottish presence. We see the scenario often – you’ve just secured an excellent UK wide contract. The downside is that 2 customer sites are beyond your reach as they are so far away. You need someone local but also need the client to know you are running the show. As above we can manage this as an arm of your business, taking great care to present ourselves as you direct.

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