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Hosted and Cloud Services Overview

“Cloud” is becoming something of an over used term in IT. Our services essentially involve taking over various areas of your IT allowing you to consolidate and outsource various services. These are charged at a predictable, normally monthly, fee. If you need to scale things up or down in terms of the numbers of staff using the services this is completed very easily. Key areas which this can affect are:

Infrastructure, Applications, Security, Monitoring and Storage.

We have a variety of options which are summarised below. Often it makes sense to use an “off the shelf” cloud product such as Microsoft® Office 365. Many larger clients or clients with very specific needs have custom requirements though and we can offer something tailored to their needs.

File Sharing

Solutions geared to making your data available everywhere – offline, online, laptop, phone, tablet.

Microsoft® Exchange Online

Access your email from any device : laptop, phone, tablet etc. Keep everything in sync between these devices (contacts, calendar, inbox, sent items etc).

Microsoft® Office 365

A great and cost effective way to bundle together a variety of hosted solutions including Microsoft SharePoint® Online and Exchange Online.

Online Backup

Our solutions cover everything from handheld devices to servers.

Server Monitoring

We can build a solution to monitor your key systems and services with actions taken (email, text, call etc) based on certain criteria.