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Looking to sell your IT Support business?

As part of our expansion plans we’re on the look-out for companies who might be willing to sell the value they’ve built in their IT Support business. We would be interested in a frank discussion with anyone who has similar values and a similar core business to our own and is thinking it’s time to get out of the business. This might be because they’ve had enough of the late night calls, they fancy moving into a different job or fancy heading off round the world / retiring.

We have a lot of ideas on how this could work successfully for seller, clients and ourselves as the buyer if we can find businesses with a similar ethos and customer type to our own. If it’s purely the “business” side you want away from there could be scope for a technical or consultancy role – i.e. we’re very open to options and would not underestimate the value that the business owner could add.

We’d be interested in speaking to anyone that fits roughly within the following profile:

  • Based in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Stirling areas although if business was relevant would consider anything based in Scotland.
  • Not tied into long term lease for existing premises – depending on location we might look to relocate.
  • The business would have a large percentage (75%) of longer standing clients (hopefully at least 3 years).
  • These clients would be, in the main, professionally run small to medium sized enterprises who have a reliance on IT and value its importance to their business.
  • Turnover of IT Support services must be at least £4000 per month.
  • No single client should account for more than 20% of the annual revenue.
  • IT Support must be the core business.
  • We would need sight of at least 3 years accounts.

Although we could have a fairly high level chat, before any detailed discussion took place we can ensure non-disclosure and non-competition agreements were in place so that all sides are protected.

If you’re interested and are looking to sell your IT Support Company please email with your email address and a contact number.