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10 Years of Enlinea Ltd

Ok, well I actually started operating as Enlinea in 2002 but Enlinea Ltd was incorporated in 2004 so we’ll work from that!

The 10 years have flown past and it’s great that we’ve continued to grow year on year. Those of you who’ve known me since then will remember I had more hair and it wasn’t grey 🙂

Reflecting on all the late nights I was thinking of stats to sum up how things have gone. So here are some Enlinea facts: (maybe not fun facts!).

  • We’ve only lost 2 clients to a competing IT firm in all these years. There is a very good story to go with one of those clients and the 2nd we’re still working on bringing back!
  • The uptime of servers we’ve supplied and supported would be 99.999%.
  • We’ve never had a client server down for more than 1 working day.
  • We’ve moved office twice before settling at St Vincent Street 4 years ago.
  • Through extensive pro-active monitoring and repair we’ve only had 3 major failures of server hardware that impacted the client. 1 of those followed client reluctance to replace.
  • We’ve now deployed over 2000 cloud licenses.

There have been a few areas where we didn’t perform the way I’d like, each time I hope we’ve learned and grown stronger and more organised.

In 2014 I see our business moving forward again, evolving to meet new demands in a changing technological landscape. I think this has been one of our great strengths – to change as technology changes and to change as our clients have required.

A great team has formed here at Enlinea with a wide range of skills. I like to think we’ve become an extension of most our customers businesses and look well beyond just PCs and servers.

I’d like to thank everyone we’ve worked with over the past 10 (or 12!) years and look forward to working with you over the next 10.