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Time for a review of your telecoms contracts?

We’ve been supplying broadband and associated services now for about 8 years now. Over the past 5 years we’ve moved into IP telephony and tend to provide associated lines (ADSL, ISDN, EFM) that would go along with these systems. Over 2012 we made a concerted effort to review various clients existing telecoms agreements (where we do not currently provide telephony) and were surprised to find that almost all were paying well over the market rates for calls and line rental. Not only that but many were aware of this but considered themselves “locked in” to their existing telecoms contracts.
Early termination fees are one thing but several clients were stuck as they had to give notice at 6 months before the contract ended or it automatically renewed. It seems a dubious practice.
We found one customer who had been talked into switching lines and other services but ended up with several services they were not even using. And they were paying double the market rate for calls.

The reason we can make cost savings is simple. For most customers we end up supporting these services anyway. It is faster and easier for us to support a product we are buying in then to try to manage your account. We use the economy of scale as well as the clout of buying in bulk to leverage better service.
For long standing customers concerned about our margins we’re happy to operate an open book and let you see our rates. We don’t add a great deal and see this very much as a bonus service that complements our support services.

We’ve identified this as one of the biggest areas where savings can be made for existing clients. Our process is simple:
• We conduct a no obligation review.
• If you are on a good deal and don’t want to move then we’ll say so.
• Determine when contracts need to be cancelled and moved and work with you to facilitate a move to our service.
• Most services can be moved in much the same was as gas and electricity – where there is a chance of downtime we’ll explain the risks and outline a plan to mitigate these.
• Move the services over.
• Send you a highly detailed bill each month – an extension of any services we already provide.
• Keep the account under review and alert you to new products or cost savings we can make.

Please get in touch to discuss. The main obstacle here is normally the hassle factor – we will take ownership of the changes and make the process smooth.